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A really well thought out view.

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Who is Loki? – the flexible and un-owned

Anywhere you discuss Loki, you will find many different views on who and what Loki is, and what he stands for. Different views, and ideas, and relationships with Loki is understandable and valid. Unfortunately, many people try to force their version of what Loki is on others, or mock them for not seeing him the same way they do. Even more unfortunate, is the number of people in the Lokean community that do the same thing to fellow Lokeans. And often times based solely on their own view as opposed to any mythological reference. So, who and what is Loki? Before discussing some of the many things Loki is, let me quickly discuss what he is not. First and foremost, Loki is not only ONE thing or attribute, and has many faces. He is not “evil”. He is not only pranks and…

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