A Norse Psychopomp

It seems my last post about grief sparked a bit of a discussion of the Other Side and boundaries so to speak. I would like to state my take on it, and as always bear in mind this is MY view through years of experience, UPG, USPG, and research.

Let me start with the thought of a Psychopomp. An entity with the capacity to cross borders and boundaries, unlimited by the normal gateways and walls. Every belief system has at least one, and others have many. From the idea of the Grim Reaper to Angels to Anubis and Papa Legba there are those that help and facilitate spirits cross over. But for this I will be focusing (mostly, because I can get sidetracked) on the Norse pantheon and leaning towards the Rökkr.

Loki is one of the most obvious able to cross realms freely almost at will, and not just Asgard to Midgard and back, but ALL of them. Perhaps it is just an Archetype, but many tricksters are red-heads. Look at Set who is often pictured or described as pale skinned, green eyed, with hair of flame. Sound familiar? I have seen this in too many places for it not to have an effect on my UPG, and believe that not only is Loki able to cross the Realms, but Pantheons as well. I won’t even go into modern media with this.

Hel, Goddess and Lady Queen of the Underworld, Ruler of Helheim. It only makes sense that she has the capacity of a psychopomp whether She utilizes this or not. Why would she not be able to?

Sleipnir is known to carry old One-Eye across borders as easily as stepping through a doorway. As Loki’s child and progeny it only makes sense. (Insert song about Spider Horse here) In truth one border wouldn’t be that much different than the next, so crossing between them for those able to do so would not be very difficult at all.

And why would different afterlives not be connected in someway? The question that was asked was would someone of one belief go to their afterlife still be able to see loved ones in other afterlives that went with their own path? Unless you were an absolutely wicked shit in this life and earned punishment or torment, what would be the reason to keep you from them? Who is to say that a Norse Pagan in Helheim couldn’t visit a loved one in the field of reeds? A Rökkatru in Jotunheim wouldn’t be able to visit Grandma in the Christian Heaven? No, we may not be able to stay with them but to never see them again is an idea that I personally cannot even begin to see as that would be a punishment for being true and loyal.

And in truth for all I know there might be an amazing specific place like Grand Central Station were all can meet on a neutral ground, but never know them again? From the Norse standpoint this idea verges on sacrilege as much honor as we place on ancestors. Let’s face it, in this point of history how many of our ancestors will be waiting in one of the great Halls? No, I believe we will be able to see and hold those loved ones once more, to laugh and cry and know them again.

On personal note, I also plan on visiting the Christian Hell and borrowing a spear for a few certain individuals, but I’m kinda odd like that. In all seriousness though, to be kept from our ancestors would be like being kept from where parts of our soul came from. I do not see any path forbidding that. When my time is up and I go to Loki, I know I will be busy for a century or two just exploring, tied to Him of course, but to wander and wonder and visit and laugh and cry.

So for those of you who fear the loss of family on the eternal basis, I truly believe those fears to be unfounded. Every belief says our loved ones will be waiting and so I believe it to be so. We will see the ancestors again. Hail the Rökkr!

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