Lokeans and Lines

Lines. Boundaries. Limits. Rules. To so many of us these are things to be pushed and tested. To be bent and to seek out the loopholes. Speaking for myself, it has always been in me and lines tend towards the hazy.

But even if hazy, they do not get crossed. I will poke and prod and test, but will not cross. Lately I have been facing down accusations of crossing lines that were set to the dissatisfaction of others, when the lines were never crossed. I admit that I tend toward the Morally Grey area of things, the idea of Honor being nice, but will get you and others hurt or dead if it comes down to it. How many British soldiers died fighting “honorably” on the fields of war because they were marched into oncoming fire? And that is but a single example.

You see, I put Loyalty in a much higher regard in all it’s forms. I do not betray those I care about. Even at my angriest, I will refuse to betray things spoken to me in confidence. I hold years upon years of secrets from those I love and have grown to hate, but it doesn’t matter. I will take these with me into Helheim and feed them to Nidhogg to keep them silent.

You see, I have finally had to admit to myself that others will not hold this standard. The moment their anger bubbles up, they begin using every tool they have including secrets gathered. It is why I am fairly open about things, less that others could use against me. But there are some things that even I will keep to myself, for myself. I, just like everyone else, am allowed my privacy.

Respect is another trait we Lokeans tend to truly share. Not just lip service, but real Respect. Of others, ourselves (sometimes), of the world around us and the cultures we find ourselves in. Morally Grey, blurry lines, it doesn’t matter, there is always Respect until it is shown that it isn’t deserved. And then we either walk away or we will teach lessons depending on the type of person we are.

You see, that is the greatest gift Lokeans have. Through Loki we have the truest diversity. Cultures, backgrounds, gender identity, doesn’t matter. You are one of ours. And that includes HOW we look at the Lokean path. We all follow it different, interpret it different. The lore and the lessons we take from it.

Let’s look to the story of Balder for example. So very many see it as a vile act, an act of Loki causing the death of a beloved God. But take a step back. Balder thought himself impervious to all things, unable to die no matter what, a height of arrogance. The price of that hubris was to fall by the hand of one deemed handicapped by something that was deemed not to matter. Was this lesson learned? No. The blind God was killed instead.

No matter how you follow Loki, we are the questioners. We are the ones to ask WHY and to point out the Emperor not only has no pants, but he make a flea look like a porn star. Yes, humor and laughter are our tools, being a bit of a fool in our bag of tricks. But we can also be the trusted ally in the dark, the shadows that hunt shadows. We are the ones to emulate Loki, to live our lives guided by his tales and deeds. To potentially be doers of good and evil. Morally Grey. Yet despite all of this, there are lines we do not cross period. Consent is ALWAYS in consideration, one of our few hard lines. We do NOT harm children, HARD LINE. As said in A Polytheistic Life, “Loki has NEVER broken an oath”. We honor oaths given no matter how hard they become. Now these are traits of Lokeans I have met that truly follow the path.

There are those who claim Lokean, but will use it as an excuse to be asses. To manipulate and cajole to get their basest desires fed, their wants met. There is no morality or guiding path, only selfish madness. I have encountered more than my fair share of these types, and they make me sick. These are the ones that have caused our horrible reputation, and continue to do so as blurry or not, they use Loki as an excuse to cross lines. Break them. Usually without informed consent. Chaos for the sake of Chaos.

It is for all of this that many of us are slow to trust and rightfully so, because when we give our trust, our loyalty it is without question. And no matter how much life we have lived, it still hurts and still tears us apart. You become a target for anger and vitriol is heaped upon you until it feels like it is crushing. We must try to move on. We grieve, feel the loss, but keep moving forward. Yes, it is a battle to do so. And yes, some of us lose that battle and choose to join Loki on the other side. I have that urge far too often for my comfort. But we fight, and we fight, and we fight. We are knocked down and we continue to fight. Why? Because even chained to the rock, Loki doesn’t give up.

And he know when lines have been crossed.

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