A look from within…

No, I do not carry a fancy title in front of my name or alphabet soup behind it. There have only ever been three things to preface my name and none of them involve Doctor (though I wouldn’t mind being a madman in a blue box). 

This being stated and said this is to approach the recent issues with The Wild Hunt and their failure to properly respond to the Siegfried article. Now this rebuttal has been making the rounds, https://ladyofthelake.blog/2018/12/02/group-lokean-letter-the-wild-hunt-declined-to-publish/, and is VERY well written. 

I have been Lokean for over 20+ years and used to feel the need to hide the fact. Shame for being drawn to follow Papa Flamehair. Follow a Jotun? Only a tainted or bad person did that, right? Why was I called? Then I realized a very VERY important fact. I didn’t give a fuck. My heart was called and I readily answered. If my choice of patron makes other people nervous, not my problem. There is no single reason for me to feel shame to follow a trickster, no more than followers of Coyote, Ti Malice, Set, Anansi, and Raven. 

You see, I DO walk a Left Hand path, thus dealing with the darker aspects of Scarlip. But I also work with the asshole that is full of giggles and mischief that gets the serious to laugh at themselves. Too many think that to be Lokean is an excuse to be an chaotic mess and/or a selfish idiot. No. To be on the Left Hand of Loki is to deal with horribly negative aspects not only within ourselves, but Humanity at large. To laugh in order to show others it is ok to do so. We are the ones to weave the Emperor’s clothes. We are the ones to teach others what NOT to do. 

Is Loki to be the Worldbreaker? Yes. I, for one, am entirely ok with this. Read, truly read, the lore and you will find that Aesir and Vanir aren’t nearly as perfect as they are made out to be. From Odin to even Sif, none are above complete reproach. Why? The mortal concepts of good and evil do NOT apply here, because they are above such moral constructs. There is dark and light, dusk and dawn, morning and twilight.  So what if Loki is Jotun? So is old one-eye. Thor is half-blood. Freya and Frey aren’t Aesir, yet dwell in Asgard among the Gods. Confused yet? Good. Very good. I hope so. 

You see, many that refuse the shifting nature of Loki will succumb to a madness of one form or another. To raise a horn to Odin and not his blood brother is in direct opposition to his wishes. And many a Kindred have fallen to infighting and the like. Correlation? Not a clue. I don’t dare speak on behalf of a Divine Being. I would have joined the Troth a while back, but their stance on honoring Loki in public ritual even as they honor Odin has held me back. Don’t get me wrong, they are an amazing organization and have done amazing things. Yet still for as forward thinking as they are, they still have no place for the Jotunar. 

Please do misunderstand me, please do argue, but do some research first. Learn about it. Loki is the dark mirror that doesn’t hold lies but something much MUCH worse. He is the reflection of truth. Ourselves, our desires, our most deeply denied secret wants. For this he is called Lie-Smith. A true Lokean will be one of the most truthful and caring people you will ever meet. They will give up everything to help you if you truly need it. But if you are using a Lokean to your own ends, well on your own head be it. 

Nokeans say we “taint the Wyrd of the community”. I say we take the stains into the light. They say we can’t be trusted to keep Troth. I say we refuse to hide and protect racism, abusers, and prejudice. They say we ignore the nine noble virtues. I say we see them in a different way. Loyalty before honor. I would quite literally do anything for my loved ones even if it was considered dishonorable if it meant my Kin lived another day. I have my own honor and while to others it may seem twisted, it is still there. I just don’t let it get in the way of doing what must be done. 

Does this bother me? No. No, it doesn’t. Not anymore. I walk in the dark and converse with monsters, giants, and trolls. I seek the wisdom of corpse-eaters and hags. What many call “evil” I see as the shadow side of what you find in the light. All have a purpose and a reason. 

But Jotun aren’t Godly. Only the Aesir. SO by that logic, Loki isn’t a god. But neither is Frey, Freya, or Odin. There’s only one thing that makes Aesir godly and that is the Apples of Idunn. Access to magics that they took. Gifts from a certain red-head. So if anyone wants to ignore all the factors, and go with strictest interpretation of lore and stories that is completely your choice, but know that to me you are no better than the Christians that like to quote Leviticus to suit their purposes and ignore the parts that would make them look bad. 

What I have found, what I believe, may come in a later post, but not this one. Many, many people think that the Wild Hunt was wrong to post the article that started all this. I say no, they weren’t. I say they were wrong to refuse the rebuttal. But they did do a “sort” of placation while at the same time not coming right out and saying that by doing so their own retort was that the followers of Loki were again thrust to the edges. 

Yes, we are misfits. Yes, most Lokeans are broken in some way, or outcast. Yet here we are. We are at your events. We stand beside you in circles. We are the Other. And we dare to bring truth and laughter, among other things. We bring change and chaos where it is needed. We are the outsiders, the different, the cast offs. 

Hail Loki! Hail the Misfits! Hail to the Others!


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