End Times?

Been a while since I have actually sat down to write… well, anything really. More and more I find myself becoming a hermit and locking myself away. General society is more and more often willingly ignorant about anything and everything. So I sit back. I watch. I listen. Now I’m going to speak.

WARNING: Offense ahead. If the shoe fits, wear it! If it doesn’t, good on you!

More and more lines are being drawn. If it isn’t racial divide it is the divide of social-economic cultures. Old bias is coming to the surface, and we have begun a backward slide along the progress we fought so very hard for, progress many people died for.

Like it or not, the United States is NOT a Christian nation. It is a nation based on individual freedoms and choices. So take that crucifix out of my face and shove it up your ass. Climate change is real, science saves more lives than prayer, and if you ignore it doesn’t mean it will go away! Shameful bunch of hypocrites, your God is probably looking at you like you look at a gay couple, while Lucifer’s “Served” counter is rolling faster than McDonald’s.

The American education system is a joke and has been for a while. There a college level graduates that have no idea what country London is in but can name all the Kardashians. The fuck? Cursive is no longer being taught? Teachers are becoming more and more rare. Students don’t have to work as hard to graduate. Is it any wonder more people are home schooling? Social activities can be done by finding other home schooling families and setting up field trips, play dates, etc.

Blanket statements people. There are far too many. Cultural appropriation, religious persecution, war on Christmas, and All Lives Matter to name a few. So I am going to speak about the one that does affect me personally. White privilege. Really? These morons have obviously never been to a coal mining town. Or to a factory in the mid-west. Or a trailer park. My life hasn’t been easy and I have my problems that at times overwhelm me. But I don’t start saying anything about it’s because another group is holding me back. And yes, I have been discriminated against because I am white. I have been discriminated against because I am a Pagan. I am also a Father, a Veteran, a Student, an Elder, a Minister. I am a Husband, a Creator, a Statistic, and a Human. I am a Son, a Brother, a Villain, and a Hero. These are things that I have been called in my life without sarcasm. I have lived my life and will continue to do so.

And now let’s talk for a moment about the most recent big scary thing. President Trump. You can scream all day long “Not My President” and “I didn’t vote for him”, but you know something? It doesn’t matter. Someone voted for him. Somehow he won the election. So as of right now that does make him OUR President because of the government in which we live. No, I didn’t vote for him, and no I don’t support him. Don’t like it? What are you doing about it? Oh, you are bitching on Facebook? That will show him. Get out, march, rally (while you can because some states are moving to make it illegal), and add your voice to the rising tide of discontent.

But as soon as it gets difficult? When it gets to be too much and either bow your head or be willing to fight for the rights of every human being to be a free individual? Yup. I know. But I also know that no matter what, MY daughters will be free to choose their own paths, have say over their own bodies.

I hear the horns in the distance. Do you?