Spring and PMW

Well folks, that time of year has come around once more. Time to start thinking about better weather, planting, and adventures. Soon the River Rats will come out, campers return, and families will be out and about.

For me, this is also the gearing up of festival season. This year I find myself in the position of helping with the St. Louis Pagan Picnic along with my lovely and amazing wife. Then there is the Pagan Unity Festival just outside of Nashville TN, and Pagan Men in the Woods once again returns to Missouri. As the event I run, PMW is the one that gives me the greatest headache. Why the HEL did I choose to run this?  Because it is needed.

So I attempt to once a year help a handful of men from many walks of life find a glimmer of enlightenment and brotherhood all while primitive camping. Sounds easy enough huh? Take into consideration that many of the participants are life-long pagans and all of a sudden the weekend gets a little trickier. Throw in the fact ages can range from as young as 13 (with parental accompaniment) all the way to 50+. And it falls to me to keep them entertained all while trying to give lessons that are applicable to everyone.

I realize that it sounds a lot like I’m bitching and you are most likely asking why I don’t delegate. I do to a degree but these guys come out and expect that while they will do some work, they don’t have to be in charge. They can sit back and enjoy the ride. And I love it. No where else can you find a non-path specific event for men only. The only ones that I have heard of are either Wiccan or Native American in nature and those that don’t follow those traditions feel kind of like outsiders. I saw an inherent flaw in the paganism of today and have taken steps to rectify it. I am still learning. But they guys keep coming back, this marks our 3rd year.

I have some surprises in mind, and some fun. There is going to be laughter and possibly tears. And a whole lot of memories to be made.

So hand me the Excederin and cold water. I don’t have time for a headache.