So; ADOF. What is it?  Really simple, Attention Deficit OH FIRE!!! Yup, that has been the way of it as late. Had a LOT that I had wanted to talk about but let’s face it; life happens. Hence why there have been no posts since August. I haven’t forgotten you guys, just been rather scattered.


First off, I have recently moved to Springfield MO where the Pagan Path is still difficult to follow. St Louis with it’s issues were at the very least tolerant to the old ways.  Here in the Springfield/Republic area there is still the chance of torches and pitchforks.  So why move to such a place? I have many reasons, but you know what? None of them matter but one. A chance at something better for my wife and I.

Now that being said, I can also stir the pot a bit.  With TNT. And a match.  Coated in gas.