Long, Tiring, Amazing Weekend

Well this weekend was quite a time.  Visit from an out of state friend/family, a wedding, conversing with the Divine, and a photoshoot with truly astounding tribe.  But I digress (not really but it sounds good)…

To start our lovely friend Jessica came up to spend the weekend from Memphis TN and we did our level best to get her out and about, to get a feel for our peoples here in the Midwest.  We went to a concert, she got to stand in as a grooms-man at a wedding, and got to meet new family.  She also had messages for all the Dragons here.  (Side note: My fire troupe is called Dragon’s Gaze so each member is considered a Dragon)  The messages were of a nature that was needed for each of us and apparently I have managed to draw the attention of those outside of the pantheon that I subscribe to.  Cool!  I suppose I am doing something right! Or is that rite?  

Anyway, Saturday was the wedding ceremony for two of our other Dragons and that day was plagued with issues upon issues.  But the bride arrived and was absolutely stunning, the groom was exhausted and all smiles.  His only question upon arriving? “Is she here?”, to which I replied, “Yes and smiling”.  The response was, “Then it is a perfect day” as thunder sounded overhead and the rain came down.  A blessing for a fruitful marriage from all the Deities and that response said all that was needed about that young man.  The reception that followed was small but very fun, and the new couple could actually spend more than a second with all in attendance. 

Sunday was a blast as I did photos in Tower Grove Park for S.J. Tucker and Heather Dale plus Ben and John. These people were so much fun to work with, a true joy and it was less work and just simply put more of a recording of play.  To spend time in the company of such vibrant and spiritual people was revitalizing. 

Monday we had dinner with some close friends and was able to take Jessica along due to a snafu with her bus.  Laughter and ideas were shared over delicious food as two separate circles of friends not only met face to face for the first time, but clicked instantly.  The biggest regret was having to leave that night.

Just because things seem random or unplanned it doesn’t mean that your day (night/evening/bath time) needs to go all out the window.  Our choices guide the results, and we are the ones to choose just how we react to our trials and tribulations. Yes, there are going to be times when we make the worse choice, but it was our choice to make.  So next time your beautiful wedding is about to be rained out, get out there and dance in the damn storm!

Some Days…

Well here I am once more, finding myself on this site to write out some of the randomness bouncing around my head.  But first, perhaps a bit of background to help those that may read this understand where I am coming from.

I grew up the youngest child of 7, but due to the age gap between the next youngest sibling and myself I didn’t have a lot of blood family around on a regular basis.  Grew up awkward and shy (yes a strange concept to those that know me now) and even a bit backwards.  But I became very used to being more or less on my own, the woodlands of rural Missouri my playground, the local wildlife close friends.  Hey don’t knock it until you have tried to play tag with a squirrel.  Even as I got older my circle of friends were very small.  Maybe because I was odd, maybe because of the area I grew up in, maybe maybe maybe.

But enough back-story. Yesterday was to be a very long and stressful day.  I became VERY ill Wednesday night, to the point that liquids wouldn’t even stay down, and wound up in the ER at 530am.  Let me tell you, props to the EMT that can start an IV on a bumpy secondary road.  The man should try out for a dart league is all I’m saying.  After some time of getting pumped full of various chemicals I was released and my wife took me home for a few hours of rest.  I was certain that I was going to jail as I went into my first court appointment yesterday, due to various reasons chief among them being screw ups in communication.

However, when I stood before the judge he was very tolerant and understanding. Knew what I was going through with the groups that I work with, and told me exactly what I needed.  Just as I was told would happen.  I walked out of that courtroom with a giggle over my shoulder and couldn’t help but smile along with it.

So what is the point in this long ramble?  You see, when I got out I went home and checked the electric demon Facebook and found that my loving Lady Wife had posted earlier that I was going to the ER.  The response that simple statement got had me nearly in tears.  I do not expect support and rarely do I ask for it (I know, slap the hand) so when a person comes to me and offers it I am almost always taken by surprise.  And today so many have contacted me to check and see if I am doing ok or if I need anything.  I am blessed. Thank you Papa.

Everyone stop for a moment and think of how blessed you are.  Chances are great that there are those that love, respect, and support you and you may never even know it. When dark time threaten, when the storms gather on the horizon,  truly none of us are alone.  Whether it is a loved one to hold our hand, a friend saying my strength is yours to share, or a warm presence just over your shoulder, walk your path with hope.  Even when we think we are alone in the darkest of times, perhaps you need only look over your shoulder. Maybe you will be surprised too.

Signs, signs, everywhere…

So life for those on the Laughing Path has never been one that most would simply choose to follow.  Usually you find yourself on it and it takes you a while to come to terms with the red-headed fellow giggling over your shoulder. 

But sometimes that giggle is echoed by your heart even in the darkest of times.  My own life has been far from smooth, trials to include (but not limited to): Financial destitution, Mental and Emotional Health issues, Physical Health failings, Homelessness, and believe me the list goes on.  And many of these things continue still, but know what? Fuck it.

That’s right, I said Fuck IT.  Know why? Because through all of it, through all the trials and sorrows and shining moments of pure JOY that giggle has been there, just over my shoulder.  Seldom am I where I want to be, but more often than not I find myself where I am needed.  And because of this I have found things like loyalty, love, passion, and fire.  Yes, fire.  YES, that kind of fire.  Burny burny owwie type of fire.  I have found that my prayers are the laughter of loved ones.  My benedictions are the roar of the flame as it spins around my body.  

I walk with Loki, everyday.  I speak to my patron and on occasion he responds.  I am no medium but I feel, and when your Deity wishes to speak to you they will.  Will you listen?